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Are you having Trouble with Creative Cloud's Adobe Fonts?

Using Adobe Fonts: step by step instructions

Did you know that your Adobe Creative Cloud automatically gives you access to the entire Adobe Fonts library? This means no worrying about font licenses because all of their fonts are covered for both personal and commercial use. These also do not have to be downloaded and installed, you simply connect them within your Creative Cloud Account and they become available in all Adobe CC applications. Dive into the step by step with me below - or grab the free downloadable sheet at the very bottom of the page!

Why use Adobe Fonts?

When designing the typography for a project, whether that's for branding or for a specific layout, you will eventually look at different typefaces (ie. fonts). There are so, many fonts available on the web, but we often forget that licenses are incredibly important when it comes to any intellectual property, and of course that includes fonts. Fonts can take a long time to create and there are many reasons why you want to use a font that has been carefully designed. The most important thing that you need to confirm is that the font is available for commercial use. With Adobe fonts you don't have to worry about the licenses - all their fonts are covered for both personal and commercial use.

Step by step Instructions

Let's use the font Semplicita as an example. It's a great font from the Canada Type Foundry - I really enjoy using this typeface because it has seven different weights, which is great for creating hierarchy in any layout. You can use this link to the font's Adobe page to follow along with the steps below.

1) Go to the font's page on the Adobe Fonts' website. You must be signed in with your Adobe Creative Cloud account in order to sync the fonts to your Creative Cloud account.

Screenshot of Step 1, the Adobe Font page for the typeface 'Semplicita'
Step 1) Adobe Font page

2) Click 'Activate Fonts' on the right side of the page next to the font name. (Highlighted here in the orange circle)

Screenshot of Step 2, the Adobe Font page for the typeface 'Semplicita'
Step 2) Activate the font

3) A window will open on the site advising that font activation was successful.

Screenshot of Step 3, Font activation successful
Step 3) font successfully activated

That's it!

You may have to allow your system a few minutes to sync before the font becomes available in all your Adobe Creative Cloud applications. If the font is still not showing up for you, you can try restarting your application as well as the Creative Cloud desktop application - this usually fixes any issues for me. For more support regarding Adobe Fonts, visit Adobe's support page .

Adobe Fonts is a very easy and straight forward tool, that gives you so many options for typography.

If you would like to have these instructions handy, feel free to grab my downloadable guide for Adobe fonts below!

Adobe Fonts Activation Guide_DBF
Download PDF • 414KB

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