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Illustrated and interactive e-book

I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK with a Master of Art in Illustration. For my major study project, I created a fully illustrated, interactive language learning E-book. The project is built on the foundations of linguistic research and was created using my own watercolour illustrations.

The concept

For children who are learning a second language, motivation and language attitude are important factors that are essential to their language acquisition success. My major study project shows a glimpse into a digital second language learning tool that utilizes illustration, new digital technologies, and linguistic

theory. This in turn creates an illustrated online gaming environment that is focused on providing a creative, fun, and exciting experience, positively affecting student motivation.

With the development of this game, I wanted to focus on the idea of using a creative medium, discovery, and exploration to create positive language attitudes and language learning opportunities for students.

Zauberwald_UI .png

Partial UI Environment - a completely illustrated environment allows the user to be completely immersed in the experience. 

Hotspots indicate where the user can click to trigger related audio and pronunciation.


Milestone badge concept to allow users to share their progress across social media platforms

Mouse-based interaction concept. Only the area around the mouse is illuminated to support the discovery aspect of the game.


Different typography treatments supporting different accessibility levels

More of the research behind this project

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