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Need a layout designed?

Whether it's a multi-page layout like a book, brochure, or magazine - you need a graphic designer that can execute your vision in a consistent and engaging way across all of those pages. I am a seasoned expert in Adobe InDesign and multi-page layouts are my everyday thing. 

Why invest in layout design?

As an expert in layout design, I help businesses present their content in the most successful way - design is about making information easily understandable, so whatever point you want to make, is coming across to your audience as clearly as possible. 


Today, most files will end up on a screen at some point, so it's important to optimize documents so they will be as successful as possible on all platforms. I have created everything from social media graphics to digital magazines and animated e-books. 

Editorial projects will always hold a special place in my heart. I studied Publishing, and love working on print projects. I am an expert on everything from the design software to the production process and can support your business in all of those capacities - especially when it comes to multi-page layouts. 

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Other design services


Booklets & Pamphlet Design

Professionally designed multi-page layouts are a must for any event. 

LL_Cover Contest_Poster_Mockup_Franziska Trilse Design.jpg

Special event signage

Whether you have a charity event or a special contest coming up, you need a well laid out poster and sign to reach the right audience and sponsors. 


Presentation & Pitch Deck Design

Presentations and pitches are essential to your business. Outsourcing the presentation design can be a great way to allow you to focus on the content. A professionally designed deck can make you stand out. 


Social Media Graphics and Animations 

Whether you are looking for monthly graphic creation for your social media channels or specific animations - these are fun options that will give your online presence a professional look. 

More of my work

My work

If you'd like to see more of my work, check out my Portfolio page, which includes my MA (Illustration) Project and more. 

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