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Hi, I'm Franzi!

I am an illustrator, educator and visual designer based in Toronto.

I bring unique creative ideas to life  - whether that's by illustrating an interactive children's ebook, laying out an editorial story for a magazine or creating a visually engaging advertising campaign for a new start-up. 

I specialize in visual storytelling. My research interests include linguistics and how interactive digital devices can create new opportunities at the intersection of design, technology and language learning.

I also share my passion for Adobe InDesign and multi-page layouts with clients and students through local colleges and custom online and in-person training

If you are working on an exciting project and need a creative powerhouse and all round designer - get in touch with me today!


Photography by Janelle Gokule Images


Effectively designed materials change how your customers engage with your brand, product and services. I specialize in multi-page layout design. In addition to many brochure designs and event booklet layouts, I have contributed to magazines on everything from cover design to interior page layout and advertorial designs, to creating matching graphics for social media. 

Whether it's a single illustration for packaging design or a big project with multiple illustrations like a children's book - illustrations add a beautiful touch to any project. I specialize in watercolour illustration with a whimsical narrative and atmosphere. Check out my portfolio to learn more about my illustration style and if it might be the right fit for you! 

What I do

If you are working on an exciting project and need a creative powerhouse designer, illustrator or trainer - get in touch with me. 


Illustration & Animation

I specialize in watercolour illustration for Children's Books, but I am also proficient in many other mediums and styles, like charcoal and acrylics. I use a variety of video editing programs, depending on the specific animation needs of each project. 


Multi-page Layout
& Design

Whether it's an event program, an informational booklet or a consumer magazine, you need an expert to lay it out. I have lots of experience with booklet layouts and can ensure your vision is executed consistently across all pages. 


Custom Adobe InDesign Training

I am an expert on Adobe InDesign. I enjoy teaching it, and helping clients understand the most relevant parts of the software. Get focused training sessions that ensure you leave with the specific knowledge you need to improve your processes. 

My work

If you'd like to see more of my work, check out my Portfolio page, which includes my Masters of Arts (Illustration) Project and more. 

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